Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Time Traveler Trips

I often feel like a time traveler. Have noticed the frequent use of that word in popular media but couldn't relate ... I like the here and now pretty well. As a newbie genealogist I find myself trying to imagine how the ancestors lived, what they did, and how they decided to do the things they did. Seems to me that the imagination helps move the work move along, helps solve mysteries, or just to know which rocks to look under for clues or information. Playing What If is my most popular game in putting puzzle pieces together.

Am guessing that this is a common tactic amongst genealogists. Mom says that when she started her genealogy quest 25+ years ago she'd spend so much time imagining what the lives of the ancestors held that she'd even dream about them. Gosh just today she told me she dreamed that she was standing in a group of ancestor women and all of them were pregnant! Isn't that, well, pregnant with meaning?! Go Mom!!

Easter, 1957. That's Mom on the right pregnant
with my sis. Dad is on the left holding my brother
and that's me in front of him in the belted dress.
I have cousin JC, the kid on the lower right,
 to thank for this lovely time traveling photo.

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