Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Nehemiah Newans: Where to Go From Here?

This newbie has been digging deep in the data mine - at least deep for me - about my Revolutionary War ancestor, Nehemiah Newans. Found his surname spelled a variety of ways but have settled on the way it was on his last will and testament, Newans.

Last evening found myself idly thinking about where I might look next for more of his life's story. So I quick grabbed up his file and a sheet of paper and started thumbing through what was there and making note of what was missing. I listed 23 lines of inquiry.

OK, I'm really new at this so granted, there's probably about ten times more questions that should be on that list:) Think I'll go back and look at Randy Seaver's list of what to do next, posted to his GenaMusings blog not too long ago, titled, "My Research Problem Solution Advice". Here's the link: http://www.geneamusings.com/2011/07/my-research-problem-solution-advice.html

I spot two things right away on Randy's list that can help me along. First, I need to go back to the San Diego Family History Library and chat with the knowledgeable friendly folks there and see what they say. I found my last visit very helpful and I learned a lot watching a pro in action. Can't wait to see what this visit turns up:)

Next, I should be posting to forums online. I have some information to share but sure could use the help of others working on the Nehemiah Newans thing. Forums is going to be my middle name for a while. OK, so it's off to the Forums for me!

Mom and her good friend and neighbor,
Mary Middleton, 1938.

Ha! Just got off a search on RootsWeb forum and what did I find there? The closest match is my own Mom's post! Go Mom!! Here's the link:

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