Saturday, July 16, 2011

An Envelope Full of Information! I'm Thrilled!

Yesterday received in the snail mail copies of land sale records and probate filings for my Revolutionary War ancestor, Nehemiah Newan! The RAIMS folks in Canandaigue, NY really came through for me and my $25. Whatta deal! Thanks, RAIMS of Canandaigue, NY.

I can see that Nehemiah Newan sold three parcels of land in the early months of the year he died, 1820. Wonder if he know he wouldn't make it much longer? Now I want to try and plot them out - just curious - to see if they are adjacent. As best I can tell after a quick glance the land seems to be near the center of the old town.

The will names his wife, Mary Newans and two sons, Thomas Newans and Elias Thompson. Who the heck is that?! And MARY? The wife in York, Pennsylvania was Catharine in the petition for widow's pension. Are Mary and Catharine one and the same person? Is it "Mary Catharine" as I recently suspected or are they two different people, "Mary" in New York and "Catharine" in Pennsylvania? I'm thinking they might be two different people.

Plus, the spelling now is Newans, with an "s" at the end. And who is Elias Thompson, for pitty's sake? As a newbie I'm learning real quick from experience that one question answered results in a couple more questions popping up.

As I shared this new info by phone with Mom this morning she commented that you never are "done" researching any given ancestor. There's always more to learn. So you're done when you've had enough, eh Mom?
Family picnic, 1957.

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