Friday, July 8, 2011

And Then He Died

Seems that recent days have been full of Nehemiah Newan my Revolutionary War ancestor. Have made strides in filling in blank sections of his life and that puts a smile on this newbie's face:)

Yesterday was googling around and entered simply his name and the town where he's traced to, Canandaigue. One entry came up and it was an obituary index listing published in Geneva NY newspapers of the Finger Lakes region of New York State. "Nehemiah Newan, Canandaigue NY, 8 Nov 1820." Sounds about right. He'd have been 72 years old.

So my next task is to google around and look for old newspaper records in archive and then reach out for a look-up person to copy what's hopefully there. Best case scenario will be to find an lengthy obit telling all about his life. DREAM ON, NEWBIE!

Petition for PA Land grant Page 2.
Nehemiah Newan's signature in lower right area.

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