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Here's a list of my surnames and where they dwelled with the years we think that they were there.

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Frostburg, Allegany, Maryland (1900 - present)
Eckhart, Allegany, Maryland (1860 - 1910)
Cumberland, Allegany, Maryland (before 1848 - 1860)
Shannonbridge, Clonmacnoise Parish, County Offley, Ireland (before 1848)

Frostburg, Allegany, Maryland (1872 - present)
Caron, Uwch, Cardiganshire, Wales (before 1872)
Other locations associated with this family:
Upstate New York, specific location unknown. (probably after 1870)

Frostburg, Allegany, Maryland (Before 1860 - present)
Wurtemburg, Germany (before 1860)
Other locations associated with this family:
Chicago, Cooks, Illinois (probably after 1884)

Frostburg, Allegany, Maryland (1870 - present)
Selbysport and Grantsville, Allegany then Garrett, Maryland (1840 - 1870)
Berks County and Schuykill County, Pennsylvania (before 1738 - 1840)
Badden-Wuerttemburg, Germany (before 1710 - before 1738)

Frostburg, Allegany, Maryland (before 1768 - present)
Franconia Township, Montgomery, Pennsylvania (before 1755 to before 1768)
Germany, Bavaria (before 1755 to about 1750)

Frostburg, Allegany, Maryland, general area including Zihlman, Mt. Savage, etc. (before 1767 - present)
Somerset County, New Jersey (about 1742 - before 1767)
The area now known as Brooklyn, New York (about 1647 - about 1742) As you can see I really don't know how to term this location in this time period. So don't yell at me and I'll go find out and correct it later.
Other locations associated with this family:
Danville and Union Township, Knox County, OH (before 1835 - ????)

Frostburg, Allegany, Maryland (before 1852 - present)
Possibly England (before 1852)
Other locations associated with this family:
Aux Sable Township, Grundy County, Illinois.

Frostburg, Allegany, Maryland (after 1900 - present)
Hampshire County, Virginia then West Virginia (before 1782 - after 1910)

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  1. Just found this blog of of yours and wanted to let you know it's great! My ancestors are Workmans from the Frostburg area. I have 4th great-grandfather, Amos Workman listed as being born in Frostburg around 1765. He was married twice, first to a Rebecca- no last name or anything else on her, second wife was Jane Conner Matheny. They moved to Ohio with other Workman families, then went on to Illinois. Poor Amos has always been my missing link in the Workman chain as we've never really been able to accurately place him with appropriate branch. I did the ancestry dna and it did link me to William P Workman and Phoebe Critchfield. Your post mentioning Joseph C. Workman interested me because of his wife, Sarah Conner. Now I'm wondering if my Jane Conner could be related to that Sarah Conner! Thanks so much for all of the information.