Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Not So Funny Drinking Story

Here's another drinking story for you. Mom emailed me yesterday to tell it. All the drinking stories have been kinda funny up till now but you know how it goes: eventually there's a "come-uppance" and there's "hell to pay" for the foolishness. Here's what Mom wrote.

"Daniel Yeast was born on 24 Apr 1818 in Mercer Co Kentucky. His parents were John Leonard Yeast and  Elizabeth Peavler. John Leonard's brother was Peter Yeast who married our third great grandmother Sarah Wooten.

This is the story of Daniel Yeast who married Mary Jane Curry. Daniel was a traveling salesman and on  April 12 1875 on this way home he stopped at a saloon for a libation. He left the saloon and was robbed and murdered. His body was found the next morning near the Salt River. Apparently he was 43 when this happened. He left 6 sons.

Our third great grandmother Sarah Wooten Yeast would have been Daniel's aunt. Love M"

Mom speculates that he was traveling with goods and even perhaps currency. As a traveling salesman we can presume that he had the gift of gab. Add the libations and on that particular night it was a formula for disaster.

YIKES, Mom! First the ancestor who poisoned maybe 3 or 4 husbands and her friend, now this?! Oh, did I tell you that story about the arsenic murderer? No? Maybe next time.

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