Nehemiah Newans

The Timeline of Nehemiah Newans
Last Updated: 11/20/2011

1735-48: Birth
1735: [4]
1748: [3]
Born possibly in Darbyshire UK. [1]
Note: no record of his birth at this time in the UK Archives. 9/2011

Father, Thomas surgeon in the British army. Brothers: James, Thomas, one a lawyer one a doctor
Wishes to be stone mason as uncle is. Father purchases a commission in military. [1]

20 January 1755: General Braddock lands at Alexandria VA. [10]
Came to America with General Braddock as a field officer. [1]
Note: no record of his service at this time in the UK Archives. 9/2011

Braddock: 1754, Major General. Braddock’s regiments were the 44th East Essex Regiment, “The Two Fours”, from Essex, and the 48th Northamtonshire Regiment from Northants, Rutland. [10]

14 July 1755: Braddock killed.
After Braddock dies, Washington assumes command and eventually retreats. [10]

While serving under Braddock and Washington, comes through Fort Cumberland two times: on June 6, 1755 left from Fort Cumberland on the way west to Fort Duquesne on Braddock’s Expedition, and later on the return trip with Washington on the way east. [10]
Nehemiah Newans settles in York, PA. [1]

1775: Onset of the revolution

Revolutionary War:
Services follows: [3]
Sergeant in the Pennsylvania Line for 4 years, 5 months, 25 days as follows:
Six months in General Wayne's Brigade  (Called Mad Anthony Wayne. 1775 raised a militia unit. 1776 became Colonel of the 4th PA Regiment.) [11]
In Captain Finly's Company
Colonel Hartly's Regiment
First regiment commanded by Colonel Butler

1779: Marries (Catherine- signed her widows pension application) Kepplinger in York PA. Of a Lutheran family. [1]
Miss Kepplinger’s father was partners in a prosperous business. [1]

1780: Son Thomas born. [1]

July 1881: Wounded to left knee at Battle of Green Springs near the James River VA [3] Recovered at two hospitals one of which was at Williamsburgh. [12]

After recovery from wound ordered to a recruiting post in York PA [3]

After that ordered to rejoin his company then in Lancaster PA. [3]

1781: Account of his death at Battle of Yorktown Virginia, September 28 – October 19, 1781. [1]

1783: Discharged, September
Received an Honorable Discharge. [3]

1783 – 1785 Land Grants Awarded: After war, receives a Land Grant of 250 acres. (Ancestry, etc.)
Note/Conclusion: does not line up with the claim made in the "Ancestors of Thomas F. Myer" book that claims "previous to his death he was promoted to major." Majors received 600 acres.

From Pennsylvania History and Archives: Survey Land Grant PA [5]
24 Feb 1785: “Act of the General Assembly…”
26 Oct 1785: PA Land Surveyed
2 Dec 1786: Survey Return List
6 April 1794: List of Veterans Entitled to Donation Land
Donation Land Register: 2 Dec 1796 Book D-52-pg27 shows land assigned to NN in Westmoreland County PA, “situate in District no. 1 on the west side of the Allegheny river in the county of Westmorland” Willian Alexander, DS, to John Lukens Esq., Surveyer General.”Lott No. 13, 250 acres.”
Note: from the plot survey a river or stream runs through the middle-right of the 250 acres. On north boundary, No. 12 200 acres, on west, No. 80, to the south, No 88 on south west, and No. 93 on south east.

1790: First US Census, search for Nehemiah Newans pulls up one entry: Nehemiah Nuans, in Nurthumberland PA. FWM under 16: 2, FWM over 16: 1, FWF: 2. Number of household members: 5. [13]

2 Dec 1796: Land Grant Surveyed and assigned (see above) in Westmoreland County PA. [5]

1797: "Removes" to upstate New York at Canandaigue, Ontario County, New York. [3]

1800: US Census. No results returned.

1804: Nehemiah Newing is listed as a “brick and stone-mason”, in the Early Business Men of  Canandaigue. [6]

27 Aug 1804: Ad placed in the Western Repository newspaper, "To BRICK-LAYERS. Tow or three Journeymen BRICK-LAYERS, who can also plaister and lay stone, may have constant employ through the season, and liberal wages allowed them -- Apply to NEMEHIAH NEWING. Canandaigua, Aug. 27, 1804.

1810: US Census 1810 Nehemiah Newans at Canandaigue. FWM 26 - 44: 1,  FWM over 45 1, FWF 45 Over 1, Number in household over 25: 3, Number in household: 3.[14]

1810: US Census: Search for Nehemiah Newing returns no results. [10]

22 April 1816: Sale of land to George Austin, Lot #11, west of Main Street and south of the Square, in Township Number 10, in the third range of townships. Small lot number 7 in the subdivision of Lot #11. $40 [7, Land Sale]

5 Aug 1817: Sale of land to John Gifford, Lot #11, west of Main Street and south of the Square, in Township Number 10, in the third range of townships. Small lot number 8 in the subdivision of Lot #8. $40 [7, Land Sale]

1818: Applies for pension, papers filed on his behalf by Moses Atwater Esq. in Canandaigue, Ontario County, New York. States he is 70 years old. [3]

26 Oct, 1818: Sale of land to John Gifford , Lot #11, west of Main Street and south of the Square, in Township Number 10, in the third range of townships. Small lot number 7 in the subdivision of Lot #6. $80 [7, Land Sale]

23 March 1820: date of Last Will and Testament. [7]

1820: in census at Canandaigue. Enumeration date: Aug 7, 1820. Transcribed as Nehemiah Neuens. Original shows otherwise. Five persons in household: 2 FWM 16 – 25, 1 FWM over 45, 1 FWF 16 -25, 2 Foreigners not naturalized, 2 Engaged in agriculture. (US CENSUS, 1820)

7 Nov 1820: Probate filed. Will names as heirs: wife, Mary Newans for her life, and then heirs of sons Elias Thompson and Thomas Newans. [7, will]

8 Nov 1820: Obituary for Newans, Nehemiah in Canandaigua NY, listed in a newspaper of the Finger Lakes region of New York [8]

1829: Catharine Newan of York County, PA is granted a widows pension of $80 per year paid out as $40 every six months in 1828, effective 1 Jan 1829. [9]

1850: Census shows a Elias Thompson in Groveland NY (close to Canandaigue) male age 66, born abt. 1784 in Pennsylvania, with wife Mary age 57, son Benj. F age 14, and daughter, Mary age 19. Occupation: mason. [15]

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