Sunday, July 17, 2011

Randy's Saturday Night Challenge: A Piece of Pie

Randy Seaver of GenaMusings blog offered up a good challenge once again and this time it involved, of all things, making a pie chart of the geographical distribution of your great great grandparents. Not liking math or anything math-y, I was attracted to the challenge when he posted a link that would do the math for me. Cool:)

Here's a link to Randy's blog and the Saturday challenge: Slide on down to yesterday and give it a try. It's very nice and until I made my list I had no appreciation for how wide-spread my people would be! My guestimate before actually charting it out was three states: Maryland, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania. How wrong I was... take a look below.

Check it out: more of my people were in Illinois, Ireland and Wales than in West Virginia or Pennsylvania! And two were even still in Germany!

So thanks Randy for this challenge and some all-over-again appreciation of the trails of the ancestors:)

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