Monday, July 4, 2011

Clean Up My Act, Citation-Wise

I really need to clean up my citation act here. As a rank and file newbie I get it about citations. I taught college for 10 years, so I get it big time. I've googled around and am thinking that the Chicago style is the way to go. Any opinions out there? Maybe I should use something like Citation Machine? And I must have Evidence Explained. Yeah... this part is kinda like "work" for me. Oh, well, it's just another aspect of being a grown-up. Bummer.

Meanwhile it's 4th of July so I'll wait and clean up my act starting tomorrow morning. Seriously, I must do this.

Add On:
Talked to Mom this morning. I gotta tell ya, love her to pieces, but noticed that she's a pound shy on the citation measurements in her Family Tree Maker. I've been wondering why and today we talked about it. Those sources and citations are all in her head!

Back 25+ years ago when she started doing genealogy it was just an amusement, a past-time. So when she went on over to the courthouse and copied a record she made a note on it about where it came from, entered the info on the proper line and tucked it in a file. Over the years she got serious about this stuff and went from paper pedigree charts to Family Tree Maker. When the transfer happened the citation notes got left behind.

Now here she is with 57,000 individuals on her tree and missing citations here and there. She'll say she just does it for her own amusement... but I can tell... she wishes she had proper citations from the get-go. At 93 she's busy working on new trails of the ancestors and doesn't care to go back and finish the paperwork. She needs one of those Hollywood-type personal assistants to make the connection between all that paperwork in the binders in her closet and the FTM individuals. Guess one day you'll twist my arm to do it, eh MOM?

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