Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Learning About Land Records

Feel as though this blog ought to be renamed the "Nehemiah Newan Blog" after my Revolutionary War ancestor;) Oh well, that's my obsession of the moment and I'm happy with it.

In frustration, at the beginning of Monday's hunt for the land grant records of NN mentioned above, I emailed the Pennsylvania Historical & Museum Commission's web site archivist. Received a reply today from Mr. McWilliams. Nice to know an actual person is on the other end to help.

Yesterday realized that I didn't know diddly-squat about land records, deeds, abstracts and the like. So spent a while googling around looking for articles. The best, if not the freshest, came from I've noticed that some of their articles are from the 1990s and don't take into consideration issues in internet genealogy. Much recommending of books and little surfing on the "interwebs". Just an observation as I'm happy as a newbies can be to have any information at all, fresh or otherwise!

As is my method, such that it is, I open a Word doc and copy text from multiple articles over so that it can be printed out for perusal and study. I have tons to learn about everything and love my yellow highlighter!!

So here's my next task: try to find out if Nehemiah Newan sold his land in Westmoreland County, took the proceeds and purchased that land in upstate New York. After last evenings reading, think it's best to find a look-up service to go to the courthouse in Westmoreland and look for a deed transfer abstract or index. Have no idea how to hunt for someone to do that but maybe I'll ask Mom when I call her today. Then I can email or call the local genealogical or historical societies. Am I on the right track here??

Joseph E. Whetstone (1816 - 1897), ca. 1890. He's my GGF.
Love looking at old photos for clues.
He's got a book in his right hand. Bet it was a Bible. And maybe glasses in his left? But, woah, look at his beard! That's a beauty.

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