Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What Next?

Have been working on Nehemiah Newan(s) or Newin(s). See recent postings for the full story. Feel like I'm at a brick wall. I want to know more about his life. The big questions remaining for me are these.
Was he born in Darbyshire, UK?
Is there record of his family there?
Did he serve with General Braddock and was he part of the two regiments that came to the colonies with Braddock?
What happened to him between the years 1783 and 1796? Where was he and what was he doing?
Where exactly is the land in Canandaigue, Ontario County, New York that he was granted after the Revolutionary War?
Did he have a second family there?

I love blogging about these and other issues because the process sharpens my thinking. If I can organize my thoughts such that you might understand then maybe I'll reread it and have a better understanding as well.

So thanks for listening, I mean reading! And if you have any ideas on where I should look for answers please let me know. This newbie will really appreciate it!!

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  1. I feel the same way when it comes to organizing and blogging the thoughts of the detailed information that we find...I don't want to say to much so I bore you but I don't want to not say enough where you do not understand. I am a newbie to, and I will be reading your posts.