Thursday, June 16, 2011

Gotta Love the Tidbits

As a newbie to all this family history stuff I'm like a kid in a candy store. (Now who remembers the penny candy stores that dotted almost every block back in the day?) I do learn something new each and every day. Here are just two examples.

I have a big project going sorting the photos old and new into family groupings. I have our own family photos, of which there are tons - see post below about Mom finding four more boxes in the basement. Cousins Steve and JC sent me photos too. Cousins Linda and JoAnn sent a wonderful and much treasured picture of Grandma Kelly as a young girl too. My cache of pictures is getting large by the week.

Cousin Steve just showed me how to add a notation in PhotoShop! Drop down the menu under File to find File Info. The pop-up box gives plenty of elbow room to add such items as title, dates, and super long identification text. I love that! Musta skipped that day in PhotoShop school;)

Cousin Steve, 1947

Then, this morning I was reading one of the three State Research Guides downloaded from Family Tree Magazine's web site. Just $3 each and so well worth it to this newbie! Was looking at the Pennsylvania Guide and found out that Penn and his heirs bought the land that is now Pennsylvania by the Walking Purchase. The deal struck with the Indians said that the price paid was for all land "according to the distance a man could walk in a day and a half. The Indians, the Guide said, expected "a leisurely stroll" but what they got were runners! Who knew?!
My own self and cousin Mickey,
or Mike as he now likes to be known, about 1949.
Mike lives in Pennsylvania.

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