Wednesday, June 15, 2011

No He Didn't!

I love talking to Mom every morning except Fridays when she has her standing appointment to get her hair done. We chat about the news, food, what's for lunch, and then I usually ask her which ancestors she's researching today. It's often one I'm not familiar with so the I open FTM on my laptop and take a look. Sometimes I even get a good story from her.

Talking to Mom this morning she told me a story of GGM Zeller, or Ma as one and all called her. Seems that my father, who always had a wickedly Irish sense of humor, once played a joke on Ma, his maternal grandmother.

Dad and his parents lived in Ma's house and Ma would call over to the neighborhood store where you could get a smattering of most everything, and placed an order by phone. The store owner would send a kid over with her order or just walk it over himself.

So one day my dad told Ma that she could call on the radio and not have to go to the phone to place her order. Ma must have loved convenience because she fell for it and told the radio what she wanted. Dad then proceeded to call the store, let the owner in on the joke, and arranged to have the goods sent on over by delivery boy.

Grandma told her mother, Ma, that it just wasn't possible to call the store on the radio. But low and behold the delivery boy appeared in due time with the groceries thus proving that Ma was right!

Am guessing that Grandma must have found her mother near impossible to live with from then on;)

Dad the Jokester, 1924.
Dad as VP of Operations about 1950s.

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