Friday, June 3, 2011

Genealogy as a Group Sport: Thanks Aunt Betty!

Another shout out this morning to Aunt Betty! She's a gem and so willing to share her personal treasure trove of family information and photos.

I'm working on the Summer issue of our family history newsletter and Aunt Betty's contribution is way cool! See what you think.

She's written an article about James H. Williams who was a pro baseball player. He's my grandfather's brother. He started his professional baseball career in the opening years of the 1900s playing with the San Francisco Seals. Check this out.

A promotional piece for the SF Seals
with Jim third from left on the top row.
Note the check mark over his head.

In 1905 he moved on to the Texas league where he achieved some notoriety for being "a burly slugging and dangerous hitter of the dead ball era." He played professionally until about 1913 when time and weight gain caught up with him - some things about sports never change.

After his pro ball career he was a cotton merchant in Waco, Texas for the rest of his working life.

Now isn't that worth knowing?!

Up at Bat!

James H. Williams, 1879 to 1936.

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