Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Never Fast Enough

I get my need for speed from Mom, don't I Mom? When I'm lucky enough to be with her and she's waiting for a download on that DSL line, then watch out cats, cause there's hell to pay for all the slowness!

It all can't happen fast enough for me either. Not so much the downloads because I'm surfing around on this super speedy cable connection. Still, have to confess that I often feel I'm in a race against demon time... and time is kicking my butt. Know what I mean?

The list of my complaints about time beating the heck out of me is long, but start it with complaint number one: there aren't enough hours in the day. As a newbie I can clearly see that this work demands specific goals. It's so easy for me to start on one task and find myself off in the bushes along the side of the road to the ancestors picking berries of history and geography.

Second complaint: time is running out! I am not immortal. Bummer. This is frustrating.

Complaint number three: it's difficult to set priorities when I can see that so much more needs to be done especially because we find ourselves in the pioneer days of the digital/internet era. I've worked in the computer industry in a previous (career) life so I know how this goes: faster and more. Enough said... and govern yourself accordingly, especially with organization because later you'll have more, way more. Yikes! Have you even see that stack of papers sitting by my computer?!

I could go on but you probably have your own list of pressing issues. But seriously, I need a new, fast laptop, preferably with unlimited storage;)

Mom and Dad looking sharp about 1940,
in the Frostburg snow by the side of Grandma Kelly's house.

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