Friday, June 10, 2011

Ireland By Proxy

Cousin Cynthia is still in Ireland and sending delicious emails to taunt me with her adventures... wish my own self was there!

She was at Clonmacnois (see post below). Here's a picture I took and it says 1986 on the back so that must have been when I was there.

That's the River Shannon you see in the mid distance.
Our GGGF was born in Shannonbridge not too far from here.

Yesterday she wrote:
We went to Temple Kelly and I got an inscription of a Patrick Kelly and his wife Winefred. He died in 1870 and his daughter Kate Kelly died at age 13. His son William was also buried with him with his wife Anna. That cemetery has become very famous and had 5 tour buses from Germany there when we were there. I could not find a Catholic cemetery in Shannonbridge. Having a blast and now in Galway at the G hotel. Will let you know if I find anything and let me know if you want me to look into anything further.

Then I wrote back:
Please tell me you took pix of those stones!!! Bet they are somehow related;) Have fun!!!

Then later she wrote:
Oh yeah, I took pics of the stones. Were you there? You know I have always loved poppies and rolling land with sparse trees. As we rolled into Shannonbridge, there were TONS of poppies lining the streets and a lot of rolling knolls. It was so strange; like I have been here before. As we walked to the cemetery, I just couldn't stop the tears from rolling; it was like I was back after a super long journey. Can't figure out what that means. Oh, well, having a great time discovering.

What it means is that, as two rank newbies, she is way smarter than I at this genealogy game and had her wits about her enough to take pictures! When I was there in the 1980s I was all about the tourist snapshots. Bummer. I sure am glad that if I can't be there my own silly self at least Cousin Cythia is there putting her camera to good use!

Grandfather John Lee Kelly and his Mother,
Christiana Eckhart Kelly, date unknown.

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