Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Wondering About Tombstone Styles

As a newcomer to this genealogy thing I wonder about a lot of things. It's a long list and I won't bore you with all of it:)

One of the things I wondered about after my recent visit home to see Mom - and way too short at just two days - is grave marker styles. They vary tremendously and seem to me to be a product of era, assets of the family and perhaps local influences.

Here's a look at my GGGF John Kelly's (1829 - 1891) marker. He was born in Shanonbridge, Ireland in the parish of Clonmacnois. He died in Eckhart, Maryland and is buried in St. Michael's Cemetery. As you see, it's the traditional Irish Cross. It's of modest size and I think, appropriate for the times and places of his life.

Took this picture to show the location in relationship to the
big tree and flagpole in the middle of the cemetery.
We always have trouble finding his marker!

By contrast are the newer markers for my aunts and uncles, and my Dad. You can just see the progression of styles!

The Williams Family, sort of Mid-Century and
typical of all the Williams burials in the last half of the last century.

My Dad, F. P. Kelly

May they all rest in peace knowing that they are missed.

Just Googled tombstone styles and came up with this:

Very interesting!

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