Sunday, May 29, 2011

Mending Broken Stuff

This genealogy newbie can already see the potential to mend through the work of finding and documenting ancestors. Contact with relatives has been re-opened or forged anew.

Take cousin JC for instance. Lost track of him, sort of, but now we email all the time. We've found similarities with our sugar issues, wacky sense of humor, and world view. I am so glad to have him in my life again!

Then there's Aunt Betty... see other posts about her here about her. I really value having her in my life now. And wish her good luck fixing her computer and who knows how long she'll suffer without an email connection. Ugh! We've all been through that!

Just wish I'd hear from cousin Kevin in the Maryland State Legislature, and cousins Mick and Tommy Lee (Thomas to the rest of the world) both retired. I don't take it personally. Kevin probably has an intern sorting his email;) And hopefully Mick and Thomas are busy having a happy retirement.

Here's another sort of mending: old photos. I love to take old battered photos, the older the better, and work on them in PhotoShop. While I was with Mom last weekend she dug out an old hand-tinted portrait photo of her father, Cambria Williams (1897 - 1960) taken when he was a young man.

It has once resided in a glass domed frame but upon removal from the framing many years ago it had torn. The backing paper contained much acid and had turned brittle and yellow. I taped the back very carefully with transparent tape in an effort to recreate the convex shape of the picture. Then armed with my trusty camera I took a photo of it using different light and camera settings.

Once home I loaded the best image in Photo Shop and started the repair. As you can see below the first job was to get that rip through his head fixed. Then the background could be easily mended.

I picked up an oval mat from Aaron Bros and there you go! Here are the progress photos and the finished product in oval mat.

Grandpop Williams was a "Looker", wasn't he?!

Grandpop as I remember him. I see that young man in this photo of him. Do you?

With fish! Oh, did he love fishing!

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