Thursday, May 26, 2011

Shout Out to Aunt Betty!

So here it goes: Aunt Betty is my mother's father's brother's child. Got it? Therefore using the Steve Morse One-Step web site's relationship calculator - which is the only way this newbie can figure out complex relationships - Betty is my first cousin once removed and is a blood relative. Cool. But I asked and she said it was OK for me to call her Aunt because I am fresh out of actual aunts.

Check out the calculator at:

When I got to Mom's house last Saturday there was a packet of information from Aunt Betty waiting for me. WOW! She is a super organized researcher and I aspire to learn from her.

Here is a picture I took of two of her photo sheets organized by family grouping that were in Mom's files. And as you peruse it, ask yourself how easy it would be to import photos to your Family Tree Maker program if we all were as organized as Aunt Betty! Feast your eyes on this...


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