Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Trip to See Mom... It's HUGH, I Tell You!

Just this afternoon got back from a wild and wonderful trip back east to Western Maryland to see my Mom and visit with the clan. Brother and his lovely and warm wife were there of course.

Visited with Aunt Betty, who is not my real aunt but I've run out of those so Betty has stepped in to be aunt to us all. Whatta a gal! You should see how organized she is. Her photo sheets are amazing.

Even ran into charming and beautiful cousin Cynthia and her husband at Lowe's garden center too! It's a small world there abouts and you're likely to run into some relative or other any time you go out.

There is so much family news on the genealogy front that a good half-dozen posts are in order here. Plus the sheer numbers of old photos that are now new to my collection... Wow! My computer will be smoking for days due to the load I'm about to heap on it.

Plus, I took along one of those super small external drives and backed up both of Mom's computers so that I'd have everything! Cool, huh?

Travel today is difficult at best but it is so worth it if you're going to go see family:)

Jimmy Whetstone in his WWII uniform.

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