Monday, May 30, 2011

Graveyard Rabbit

Since I'm a newbie to genealogy I'm always running into a term that's new to me. Take graveyard rabbit. Now I've been to my fair share of cemeteries and there are a lot of bunnies around munching on grass. But this term "graveyard rabbit" seemed to refer to people!

Then I remembered how Mom likes to traipse through old cemeteries and look for the odd random tombstone on the hunt for an ancestor. She'd find them too. Up in Springs, Pennsylvania near Grantsville, Maryland one day, after a nice lunch, she dragged a friend through an old cemetery and found William House's tombstone. Mom was thrilled! Not so sure about the friend;)

On my visit back to see Mom recently she and I went AWOL on the family for an hour or so and headed to two remote old, but still in use, cemeteries. I finally "got" how wonderful they are. Even saw an authentic graveyard rabbit in its natural habitat;) The real kind!

Isn't he/she cute?

View from the Porter Cemetery

The Eckhart Cemetery

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