Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Box of Treasures!

Just now finished posting that one below when my husband walked in from the mail box with a package from my cousin, JC who lives in Upperco, Maryland. Opened it and ... drumroll please... in it are a boatload of old family photos! How precious are these?! There is even one of my Mom fishing in her swimsuit, JC's Dad in uniform during WWII and grandmom and grandpop Williams! Holy COW!!

I'm a newbie to this genealogy thing but already I've learned from Aunt Betty that good archiving is job one. If you can't find it once you've filed it then what good is it to you? I sure have my work cut out for me in doing justice to JC's photos on loan.

Better go warm up the scanner and get a big cup of coffee;)

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