Friday, March 23, 2012

Heirloom... Or Not?

I have an old bowl. As I remember, Mom gave it to me once upon a time, maybe in the 1970s, and I think she said it came from ancestors from Ireland. She doesn't remember this at all. One Thanksgiving I used it to serve up mashed potatoes and someone loaded it in the dishwasher. Big mistake: the gold trim took a major hit from that experience. But I love it just the same!

I don't know a thing about it and don't know how to look. I'm no good at antiques and such. So if anyone of you clever people can tip me off about where to look next, I'd really appreciate it!

Here are photos from the top and bottom. Does that look like "BMF, 1910" and two shamrocks with "J & C" on the bottom? That's pretty specific but where do I look to find out about that?


  1. A search for "J&C" and ceramic bowl seems to point to Jaeger & Co. Found the following eBay listing that also showed a picture of the bottom...same emblem.

    Also, some info on the company and marks can be found here:

    Hope this help kick-start your search.

    1. YES!! Thanks for that:) Knowing nothing about maker's marks, did not think of the shamrock and J&C as one. I tried googling using your suggestions (now with more confidence) and found the exact mark! Will post about that soon. You comment did kick-start my search!! Thanks Julie:)

    2. You're welcome. Glad I could help. Look forward to hearing more about the bowl. It also gave me an idea to investigate a bowl of my own :)