Friday, March 16, 2012

Don't Bother Me... and Happy Birthday Aunty Betty!!

First things first: Happy Birthday to my dear and wonderfully generous Aunt Betty. Actually, Aunt Betty is Mom's cousin but everyone, and I do mean everyone, calls her Aunt Betty. She's the one who generously shared her entire photo archive, beautifully organized, of our Williams ancestors. So, Aunt Betty, if you're reading this on your special day please do have a wonderful birthday!!!

Now on to the "Don't Bother Me" part of this post. Do you find that there comes a time each spring when all you can think about is your garden... even if that "garden" is two pots of herbs in a window or 40 acres? That's where I am, servant of the earth.

We live in Southern California where houses sit on postage stamp lots. The closer to the coast the smaller the lot, unless you're a billionaire. Even Mitt Romney's new house on the ocean in this place has only slightly more land surrounding it than the average;) But a garden is a garden no matter the size and if you love a SoCal garden, now is the time that the launch sequence begins!

I have heard the clarion call of the earth and am off to the garden center instead of the Family History Center, remembering my grandmother's gardens and Mom's gardens and her gigantic beefsteak tomatoes. For lunch I'd take the salt and pepper out to Mom's garden and feast on those big red beauties. My tomatoes are never as tasty.

Photo of the day from Aunt Betty's Archive:

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