Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Come Out, Come Out Wherever You Are

Remember that call from Hide and Seek? I do and today I feel like I should be calling that to my ancestor, Capt. Jacob Whetstone (1738 - 1833). Have been parked on Fold3 all day digging into the Revolutionary War records to see what I can find.

Strangely, he's there in everyone elses pension files, mentioned in numerous letters of request, but there isn't one record indicating that he claimed a pension for himself! One would think that he would have.

And then I was having trouble finding service records for him too on Fold3. Oh, he's mentioned enough in the Pennsylvania "Blue Book of the War of the Revolution", so I know he was there. But am I not looking under the right heading or searching properly in order to find him?

Am thinking that I need to question his regimental assignment because I don't find Berks' County as a regiment or battalion... nor do I understand the difference. Much to learn here! I know that he was captain of the First Company and that he mustered under Colonel Daniel Hunter of Oley and "Colonel Undree (Utterly)". And that's the way it's stated in the Blue Book: Undree (Utterly)... and I don't know why.

Next I'll take another swat at Fold3 and after that I'll be on the Pennsylvania Archive's web site looking for him, especially in bounty land grant records.

As you can see the questions are popping up like little gremlins all around me at an alarming rate, and that's kinda scary! Wish me luck. And I'd love to hear from any of you who are enthusiasts about the formation of regiments and battalions and the like in the Revolution. Gosh, there's so very much I don't know. Well, that's the fun in this stuff.

Today's photo from Mom's Archive:

Joseph E. Whetstone (1816 - 1897), 1910
Grandson of Capt. Jacob Whetstone
and my GGF.

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