Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Trip to The Local Family History Center

It's Thursday so I know that the resident British expert will be at the San Diego Family History Center so off I went with my document binder and lots of questions. She's very kind, gentle and patient to this newbie so I can ask her the most basic question and feel comfortable about it.

I catch her up on my recent work looking into the British Archives online (see below.) She points me to FamilySearch's Library Catalog to check for a Place Search on England. Then we drill down to Army Military records. She turns me lose on the listings to sort and select. I can print out the ones I think might be a good fit for me with the click of a mouse and collect them at the reception desk printer.

Of course, as Randy Seaver of GenaMusing blog at has pointed out in one of his posts, you can do all of this from the comfort of home and the Center will call and let you know when the films you ordered are in... if you know how to do that. Since this is my maiden voyage it was comforting to have my expert guide me through.

Once my selections were printed out I prioritized them based on relevancy and showed my expert. She agreed that the two I picked should yield results. "You'll find him, "she said encouragingly. It was a good morning:)

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