Friday, August 12, 2011

Randy Seaver's Forum Pointers

So as you can tell, I'm kinda new to this genealogy thing and very enthusiastic. I was slowing down a while back and took a look at Randy Seaver's recommendations on what to do next. He's the guy behind the stimulating and informative blog, GenaMusings at

Here's what I posted to this blog when I was stuck: 

"Think I'll go back and look at Randy Seaver's list of what to do next, posted to his GenaMusings blog not too long ago, titled, "My Research Problem Solution Advice". Here's the link: "

One of the things Randy suggested was using forums so off to the forums I went. Only problem, where are they and which are the best if you're only going to use a couple so you can keep on top of them? No problem... I'll email Randy!

Here's what he replied and it's so clear and concise that even this newbie can follow it. Thanks a million, Randy! 

1)  The Rootsweb/Ancestry Message Boards at  This has surname, locality and topic boards and is the biggest.
2)  The GenForum message boards at also have surname, locality and topic boards.  different format and selection.  Lots of cross-posting with the other board.
3)  The FamilySearch Forums ( has locality and topic message boards, and how-to boards.  This will be a big forum suite in years to come.
There are other forums and message boards but none have the volume that these three have.  The Rootsweb and Genforum message boards are easily searchable , and Google picks up content.  I doubt that there is a decent search capability yet on the FamilySearch forums, and I'm pretty sure that search engines don't crawl it yet.

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