Saturday, August 27, 2011

Call Me "The Administrator"

Last Saturday I attended the Computer Genealogy Society of San Diego meeting and a presentation by Hal Horrocks on using Rootsweb message boards. It was really good as their meetings always are. I asked what to do if there's no surname board for the name I'm seeking, and that would be Newans and all the variations. Hal said to request a new board for that surname but be ready to step forward as the administrator.

OK, so I'm the newbie here and don't know if I can be trusted with that kind of responsibility. So I talked it over with Mom and she told me what I'd need to watch out for if I did it. And she encouraged me to go ahead. So I did.

Meet the new administrator of the Newans Surname Board on Rootsweb! Boy, am I surprised how that worked out;) Guess I'll do almost anything to get new information. Ha!

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