Sunday, August 21, 2011

It's Like Looking For Eleanor Roosevelt and Finding General Custer

No, really. That's it exactly! Was talking to Mom who has been at this genealogy stuff since about 1970, on the phone a while back and she mentioned that we are related to George Bush. She told me how and I wrote it down and charted it out for the family history newsletter.

I asked her a couple of days later if we were related to anyone else famous and she said, oh so casually, that we are related to General Custer. WHAT?!!! Seriously? MOM! So she outlined that for me.

Custer Portrait Restored.jpg
General George Armstrong Custer.

Mom, I pleaded, can't you go find that we're related to Eleanor Roosevelt just to balance things out? She said she'd try ... and then Mom said, Did I ever tell you about the twin brothers in the family who were counterfeiters?

Mom, all dressed up for some big event in 1972,
about two years after she got interested in genealogy.

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