Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Fruits of Summers Past

Chatting with Mom this morning during one of our marathon calls from me here in San Diego to her back in Western Maryland. We got to talking about how great tomatoes from the garden taste this time of year, still warm from the sun... so good! I recall taking a pepper shaker out to the garden and helping myself to lunch right on the spot:) You ever do that?

Mom loved her granddad's apricot tree, but with so many grandkids buzzing about he limited their intake of the precious fruit to one each. To this day Mom confesses to loving apricots above all other stone fruit!

I recalled going to work with Dad and him passing me off to someone at work who would drive me a short distance to a farm, the owner of which worked for Dad. I'd hang out all day with the farm kids picking wild blackberries in the brambles. We each got tin pales and would eat our fill. Only then did we start picking for the pale. I'd come homes with purple hands, lips and tongue! And a sunburn;) Good old times.

Mom's Mother Emma Susan Whetstone Williams, as a girl in summer.

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