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Surname Saturday: Was her maiden name Stauler, or what?

Off we go into another Surname Saturday, the blogging prompt from GeneaBloggers. We're climbing back up the branches of Mom's Big Tree, which you can see on here. We're into the 4th great grandmothers so we're far enough back to have some problems finding records, and our subject of the day is a woman we know little about. We know where she's buried (and thank you Cousin Steve for the wonderful photos on Find A Grave), but we're not sure of her last name. Poor GGGG GM!

And you know that all of us who do Surname Saturday use it as "cousin bait" just in case a cousin or two decides to Google one of our ancestors! Therefore, I might be going overboard, but I'm including a lot of names;)

1. Diane Kelly Weintraub

2. Francis Patrick " Pat" Kelly
(1916 - 2007)
3. Virginia Williams, living and loving it

4. John Lee "Lee" Kelly (1892 - 1969)
5. Helen Gertrude Zeller Kelly ( 1894 - 1985)

10. Gustav William "Gus" Zeller (1858 - 1927)
11. Moretta Workman Zeller (1859 - 1946)

11. Moretta (Workman) Zeller (1859 - 1946)

23. Nancy Ann (Troutman) Workman (1826 - 1882)

22. Elijah Workman (1816 - 1864)
23. Nancy Ann Troutman (1826 - 1882)
Elijah was born and died in Zihlman, Allegany County, MD, which is really hard to find on the map but located near Mt. Savage and Frostburg, Maryland. You can just about see Zihlman from where Mom now lives, especially when the leaves are off the trees.
Nancy Ann Troutman was born in Wellersburg, Somerset County, PA, and that's where the Troutman line settled and stayed, except for a short move and back again, or the ones who wandered off to Ohio. Elijah was a farmer.
Here are their children:
Amanda Workman (1848 - 1865)
Caspar Workman (1849 - 1949). He married Margaret Holtzman Merrill. They both died in Frostburg.
Benjamin Workman (1851 - 1869)
John Franklin Workman (1857 - 1930). He married Mary Anne Mealing. They both died in Frostburg.
11. Moretta Workman Zeller (1859 - 1946)
Mary Ann Workman (1861 - 1939). She married Peter Pressman. They both died in Frostburg.
Joseph Workman (1863 - 1894). He died in Frostburg.

46. Benjamin Franklin Troutman (1780 - 1856) (Find A Grave Memorial# 74544823)
47. Catherine Wolgerman (1765 - ????)
It is quite possible that Benjamin Franklin Troutman was born in Greenwich Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania and came to the Somerset area with his parents. If he did then his father, Peter Troutman, moved from his place of birth in Somerset to Berks County and then moved back to Somerset County again. Benjamin Franklin was said to have been a renowned gunsmith and well known for his craft. He could sing and dance and was in competitions for such talent. In the 1850 Census he is listed as a farmer, working the land with his son, Adam.
They has these children:
John Troutman (1782 - 1870). He married Elizabeth Horn. They both died in Ohio.
Mary Ann Troutman (1816 - 1899) She married Solomon John Leidig.
Joseph Troutman (possibly twins with Mary Ann. 1816 - 1898). He married Elizabeth surname unknown.
George Troutman (1820 - 1891)
Daniel Benjamin Troutman (1822 - 1891). He married Catherine Emerick. They both died in Kansas.
William Troutman (1825 - 1837) He married Louisa surname unknown.
23. Nancy Ann Troutman 1826 - 1882
Sarah Troutman (1829 - ????). Sarah married George Washington Sheirer.
Adam Agustus Troutman (1832 - 1858). He married Amanda Hildebrand.
Eleanora Troutman (about 1835 - before August 1856). She married M. Reiber.
Harriet Troutman (1843 - before 1920). She married John W. Hansel.

92. Peter Troutman (1754 - 1846) (Find A Grave Memorial# 26925953)
93. Mary Barbara Stauler (1757 - 1836) (Find A Grave Memorial# 74554972)
Peter Troutman served in the Revolutionary War. We have a lot of information about him:) But know next to nothing about her.
They had these children:
46. Benjamin Franklin Troutman (1780 - 1856)
Mary Ann Troutman (1781 - 1853). She married John Emmerick. They both died in Ohio.
Anna Marie Troutman (1783 - 1869). She married Abraham Miller.
Mary Magdelina Troutman (1785 - 1853)
Rachael Troutman (???? - 1862).She married Daniel Martz in 1836 and then David Albright in 1832.
Jacob M. Troutman (1788 - 1877). He married Rebecca Boyer.
Susanna Troutman (1789 - 1829). She married Peter Boyer.
John Troutman ( 1782 - 1870). He married first Elizabeth Horn and then Mary Thomas.
Annie Troutman (1802 - 1853)
Catherine Troutman (1808 - ????). She married John Mease.
Rebecca Troutman ( 1812 - ????)
Elizabeth Troutman (1789 - ????)
Peter lived ten years longer than Mary Barbara. He married again to Barbara Cassell on 11 Jan 1838, a younger woman (40 years old when they married) born in 1796 and died in 1870, and about whom we know absolutely nothing. If she was married before we don't know about it. They had no children together. Amazingly, Peter Troutman lived to be 92!

I feel so bad for the women who get lost in a sea of records about the men of the day. Mary Barbara live to be 79 years old and I'm thinking that was pretty good for the time and place. She's buried with her husband in Comps Cemetery, just over the Maryland / Pennsylvania border in Somerset County, Pennsylvania. It's not too far north of where her granddaughter, Nancy Ann Troutman married and lived with her husband, Elijah Workman, and had my great grandmother Moretta Workman. It was a small world then and now.

"In Memory of Mary B. Const. of Peter Troutman,
died Nov. 14th AD 1836,
Aged 79 y, 8m & 14d."
(Photo Courtesy of Steve Miller. Thanks Steve!)


Screen shot of the page for Mary Barbara Stauler?? Troutman
on Find A Grave, created and managed by Steve Miller.
When I saw it, it was obvious that he knew a lot about the Troutman line so I contacted him.

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