Friday, November 8, 2013

Stories from Mom: Part 3, Summertime on Center Street

By Virginia Williams Kelly

Summer time was especially wonderful on Center Street. It all started the day school was let out. There was always a big “Hurrah” from every child. It also meant that we were allowed to stay up until 10 O’clock. That was when we all congregated on the wall of the McGregor property and under the street light and told ghost stories, each person trying to out-do the other one. There were always 8 to 10 of us ranging from 9 to 15 years of age.

When it was time to go to bed I was never ready so I would try to read by the light from the street lamp which would shine dimly into my bedroom window, that is until Mama came around to say goodnight and always caught me reading and made me stop. I think she could read my mind because she always caught me at it.

Mama holding me as a baby, about 1919.

That's me on the right and my sister Dot on the left.
Dorothy (Williams) Conrad (1920 - 2007.)

There was always family all around us, and friends too. Here's our family with the Conrad family. My sister, Dot, married Harold, not pictured here.
On the top row, left to right are the parents: my Mama Emma, and my Dad Camey Senior, looking very young. Next to them on the right are Pete Conrad and his wife Elsie.
The kids are from left to right: Betty Conrad, my brother Camey, Mae Conrad, my sister Dot, and me on the fight in front.

Mary Middleton and I, best of friends, about 1938.
Since there were very few cars on the road in those days we could always play games in the middle of the road. Hide and seek was one of our favorite ones because if you could get away from the street light you could be hidden all evening if you wanted. But no one ever wanted that because it was much less boring to be caught and have to start all over again. We always had a ball game going although it was a little hard to play ball at night away from the light.

When someone was fortunate enough to get a pair of roller skates for a birthday, everyone had a great time since we all shared in riding them. I remember when I received a pair for my birthday, and since I was left-handed and left footed, lots of kids wanted to ride with me because I rode with my left foot and could then share my right skate with any friend who happened to come by. Wood Street was our favorite street for riding since it was a rather steep hill for one skate riding. I don’t think we ever learned to skate with two skates until we went to the roller rink when we were older.

Dad with one his hunting dogs. He loved to hunt and fish.

Here's another picture of Mama and I. This one is from my cousin Betty.

My sister Dot, 1938, dressed up.

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