Monday, November 18, 2013

Stories from Mom: Part 9, Brady's Creek

Frostburg, Maryland. Where I grew up.

By Virginia Williams Kelly

Brady’s Creek in that same area was another favorite spot of mine. Since spring and summer were two of my favorite times, I always waited for the first thaw when the ground was still hard but the ice on the little creek was breaking up and we had lots of water flowing in the creek. It was then, on Saturday, that I love to put on my boots and head for the creek. All I really did was walk for miles jumping back and forth from one rock to another across the creek. Sometimes I even made it across without the rocks. Now this creek was not very large but then neither was I so we fit together very well, the creek and I. Today, much of the creek has gone and been put underground into pipes. Such is progress. But the memories linger and cannot be erased as the creek was by time.


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