Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Stories from Mom: Epilogue

By Virginia Williams Kelly

I fell when I was 87 and broke my pelvis and that ended my walking days. I should have and could have continued, but I became lazy and it was much easier to drive so drive I did. But walking was a great time to contemplate on life, yours or someone else’s. It is also a good time to plan and dream.
On one of those walking days I walked thru the Catholic Cemetery in Frostburg and remembered that I had great grandparents buried there with no stone to mark their grave so I decided to put in book form the stones that were there. It took me over 2 years of nice weather to finish my project and publish it. I only live a half mile from my home to the cemetery so I always walked there and back and really enjoyed those days.

But I enjoy my days right now. I hope that you too enjoy every day because each one is a blessing.

November, 2013

Those were the days my friend

I thought they’d never end!

That's me on the left, Mama, my sister Dot, and our brother Camey. I guess Dad was taking the photo.

Dot on the left, me, my best friend then and now Ollie Coleman, and Mama.

Me, my grandmother and my mother's mother Catherine Elizabeth (House) Whetstone (1865 - 1947), Mama, and my sister Dot.

Me, 1938.

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