Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Data Back-up Day

It's a custom, at least in the genealogy community, to back up your data the first day of every month. It's a really nice idea and it's lovely to see reminders on blogs to do it. It's like neighbors checking in to be sure you put out the garbage on the appointed day when they don't see your bin at the curb.

I use Carbonite for data back up. I have tons of photos and other graphic files so I need lots of storage and that means paying for it. The $60 or so a year is cheap insurance... especially last year after my computer crashed! I've been through a couple of computer crashes - I wait until the computer dies an ugly death, and probably shouldn't do that but maybe I like the thrill of getting every penny out of my computer investment. It's perverse;) When the other older computers died I panicked wondering when the last back-up was. Not now. My online back up service is always busy doing back-up. I like that.

That said, I don't trust anything! So here sits an external terabyte hard drive that also holds my photos, graphics, and genealogy files. And next to it is another external terabyte drive. Redundancy is my middle name;)

Hey, whatever makes you feel safe cause feeling safe with your data is the very best!

Today's photo from the Archive:

This photo is a bit of a mystery to me but
maybe Mom or Aunt Betty can help figure it out.
The back says, "Daniel Williams mother and father"
That would be Thomas Williams who died in Wales in 1865
and Jane James Williams (1815 - ?).
Jane is the one I'm trying to find in upstate New York. (See posts below.)
Can it be that this photo was taken before 1865?


  1. You are using a very functional back up drive, my friend. The best thing I love about Carbonite is that it automatically backs up most of the new and altered files you stored in your computer. There is, indeed, no need to panic if ever your computer would crash again, since the backup drive contains majority of your files and will easily restore them as soon as you need them back. :)

    Ruby Badcoe

  2. “It's a custom, at least in the genealogy community, to back up your data the first day of every month.” Well, it is indeed a good custom to pass on for others to imitate. It is important, especially for businesses or people who have big amounts of data to care for. And yes, you’re right! Knowing that your data is safe is one way of making things a lot easier to handle.

    Shania Simpsons