Tuesday, August 14, 2012

When It Goes Bad All At Once

Daily life now has challenges mundane and special, just as the lives of our ancestors did. Life here at the Nut Farm has been rocky of late!

I live in San Diego and lately our mild climate has heated up. Right, I know that I don't deserve to complain too much as some of you have been sweltering all summer long. But you see, our air conditioner went out last week smack dab in the middle of a heat wave. And when we called to have it fixed, we found our that of course we were not the only ones with problems! Four days of melting later, the AC guy came yesterday afternoon and fixed us up. Don't even want to tell you how much that cost us but we're missing the proverbial arm and leg.

Mom and I chatted this morning about how in 1938 it got to be 98 degrees in little Frostburg up in the cool mountains of Western Maryland known for it's breezy and gentle summers. And of course no one had AC!

Just to test our strength of will, my internet connection went haywire on Sunday... or was that Saturday? It was the heat that made me groggy such that I can't remember the day. Anyway it's a hardwire situation and that is just one other reason to go wireless and replace the 10+ year old modem... about time, wouldn't you say? That will happen Thursday. Meanwhile internet access is dodgy.

Now my computer is making a strange sound and that freaks me out because computers don't have too many parts that actually move! The fan and hard drive. Sounds like the fan. I better go back it all up right this minute!!

Gosh, do break downs really come in sets of three? And thanks for listening... it does help to share:)

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