Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Picture This

So I'm talking to Mom this morning as we do most days and we came up with an idea that we both thought might shed some light on that "mystery photo" of Daniel Williams, my GGGF and his family, especially his mother Jane James Williams. How about comparing that image of Daniel with other photos of him that we know the date of? So off to PhotoShop I want and here's what I came up with. See for yourself.

From "mystery photo" family group,
Towne Photographers, Troy New York,
Date unknown and driving us nuts!




I'm thinking that Daniel looks to be maybe 10 years younger in the "mystery photo". Look, he seems to have some color in his hair... it's not turned all white yet. And his face looks younger, but maybe that's the photographer's flattery? What do you think?

And here's that group photo again for comparison. If anyone has a guess about when it was taken - and we think it might be about 1890 to 1900-ish - we'd love to hear your thoughts!! Really love to hear them!!

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