Thursday, February 16, 2012

One "Like" and One "Dislike"

Ya know, some days...! First, a Dislike about passwords. I try to change my various passwords regularly and rotate from my list of over a half-dozen of them in and out of connection that keep me going. There's a bit of a theme to them so that when memory fails (as it too often does) there's no need to look them up... just try another version. But here's a recent true tale about passwords.

I have three Hotmail accounts for various purposes. One of them is for my landscape painting collectors. In the most recent rotation of password changes I choose a password that I had used before... when my Hotmail account was hacked! Like, so D'uh!!! And they hacked it again! All my fault, really. And so my poor collector base kept getting emails from me inviting them to click through to a "work from home" scheme. For three days! Until I figured out what had just happened there. Grrr.

Next is a Like. I really like Google Reader. Was a slow adopter but now that I'm on board, was thinking this morning that I can't be without it. I can get cozy and read all the genealogy news that interests me at one sitting. No clicking through or surfing over to various sites. It's brilliant.

Picture of the day from Aunt Betty's Archive:

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