Saturday, February 25, 2012

Daniel Williams and The Chicago World's Fair of 1893: Coming Up Empty

My search for more info about my GGF, Daniel Williams (1852 - 1920) and his trip to the Chicago World's Fair of 1893 (see post below) is coming up empty. There's tons of information about the event itself but Daniel William's role as envoy remains lost to me... at least for the moment.

Sometimes it's the search itself that brings me nearer to my ancestors and all those small details that I accumulate along the way add to my deeper understanding of their life and times. I really don't know what it was like to work in a coal mine but this search had brought me places I might never go.

Here's a for instance. Was searching one of my favorite sites for my target area, Western Maryland, at See there at the bottom of the page? Where it says "Coal Mining Resources"? Well if you click through you are taken to a very nice video on YouTube about mining from the Frostburg State University's Ort Library Special Collections at:

It's this tangential stuff that fills in a lot of the blanks in the lives of my ancestors:)

Photo of the day from Aunt Betty's Archive:

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