Wednesday, February 8, 2012

New Look for the Blog

Make-over time! Am trying this new template and let me know what you think. Mostly I think my blog layout should stay the same as long as possible, but I do like this new one because it's cleaner. I think the photos show well on the white background and the text might be easier to read too. And now you can more easily see the tabs at the top above the latest post.

There are of course some things that need to be tweeked, like the widgets at the right side. Some of those have stupid looking text breaks. One word on a line... really!

One thing about the old template with the birds flying was that so many gena-bloggers used it, it was hard to differentiate my blog form the others... even I got confused, and believe me I don't need any more confusion than what's already in the mix;)

Today's photo from my file, this one from Aunt Betty:

Oh and here's somthing I'll try to remember to add for those using smart phones and readers: the URL for this post. Don't yet understand how it helps but they tell me it does:


  1. Good job, Diane. You can increase the width of your content, and that of your sidebar, by going to Design > Template Designer > Adjust widths. i'm using 1080 for the overall blog, and 280 for the sidebar.

    I also made all of my sidebar items the full width. It makes the sidebar longer, but it's more readable, I think. go experiment!

  2. Thanks so much, Randy! It was your blog make-over that got me going on this:)

  3. Thanks Nancy! Just applied Randy's widths of 1080 (perfect) and 280 which I adjusted up to 290 so the "Names I'm Working On" box fit comfortably. That was fun! Love more design control!