Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year and My Fav Posts of Last Year

I began this blog in, what was it, May of this year. I've learned a lot from the discipline of posting regularly, from the information shared by those who might stumble across my tiny corner of the web, and by having to distill my work down to a short and (hopefully) understandable post. Sometimes while posting it hits me that I have got to be the most obtuse person on planet earth! This newbie still has a lot to learn:)

My three personal favorite posts of the year are the following. First is two-parter from Randy Seaver. His Forum Pointers was super helpful, and find the link on this blog at
In it Randy reminds us how useful the formus (discussion boards) can be. He got me started using forums and I even had the opportunity to start a topic and become the administrator. So thanks, Randy... and thanks too for your answer to the perennial question, what do I do next, on his blog at

Second fav post for me is my Top Five Reasons I Love This Blog because it made me see all over again exactly why regular posting is a necessity. Find it at

Last is My Genealogy Job Description. Maybe it's my favorite and most useful post after all... I look at it every couple of weeks to stay focused. Do you ever lose focus and wander off down some dead end trivial pursuit excursion? No? Well, good for you... fibber;) Here's the link to that post:

Here's wishing all of us a good 2012, with plenty of new leaves on the family tree, juicy and meaningful stories captured, and perhaps a box of very old photographs found with a packet of love letters in the back of some closet or other!

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