Thursday, December 15, 2011

New Assignment: William Price 1828 - 1872

Mom and Aunt Betty have asked me to look into the life of one William Price, my 2nd GGF, and Mom and Aunt Betty's GGF. I asked Mom this morning what they'd like me to find out about him... and Aunt Betty, if this list differs from what you want me to look for please email me:) Also, Aunt Betty, I printed out your tree and ancestor report so I could see what was what, so thanks for those!

And you need to know there a ton of William Prices out there! I had to ask Mom which one was our target on Mom's tree because I found three right off the bat. Just imagine how many I'm going to find as a result of searching!

Our William Price was born about 1828/29 in England. Mom has 1829 and Aunt Betty has 1828. I've not had much luck finding out about births in England and Mom and Aunt Betty are real experienced at this genealogy stuff and I'm a pathetic newbie... so guys, don't hold your breath for any dramatic revelations. (If you want drama you'll have to wait for the third season of Who Do You Think You Are which is promised back on the air in February 2012!)

Our William Price married Diana Thomas on 13 August, 1850 in Mt. Savage, Allegany County Maryland. She was born in 1832 in Wales. They had 8 children. She died in Mt. Savage on 20 July 1871 and he died in Illinois in 1872.

There are four questions on the list now:

#1 Who was his father? We have no given name for his father so I'll be blindly looking for a Price, maybe in Bedfordshire. (Off to Google Maps and Google Earth!) And keep your fingers crossed for me looking there-abouts for any birth records or whatever.

#2 Who was his mother? Maybe we have a first name: Ann. Mom says that there is a random memory in the family that someone had the maiden name of Whitehead and perhaps it was this Ann.

#3 When did he come to the US of A and why? He was a miner here so I'll look for info along that line. And the usual sources for ships records, which I'm willing to bet Mom and Aunt Betty have already sifted through.

#4 Why did they move to Illinois? Again, I'll be looking at his work as a miner and checking local histories and local newspapers... if any exist. I'd hit the jackpot if I could find an obit!

And what's up with her dying in Maryland and him dying a year later in Illinois?

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