Thursday, January 24, 2013

Treasure Chest Thursday: The Zeller Ensemble

My Uncle Delbert is Dad's youngest brother. Dad and he weren't as close as Dad was to his other brother, Uncle Bernie. There is a two year difference between Dad and Uncle Bernie and a four year difference between Dad and Uncle Delbert, and just enough to likely make Delbert that pesky younger brother, but I'm only guessing about that.

Uncle Delbert is in his 90s now and has a bit of a memory impairment but can remember the good old days real well. I call him every once in a while and chat but always have to remind him who I am: Pat and Virginia's oldest kid. Last year I made up a big package of Mom's Big Tree on the Kelly side and all the family photos I could muster and thought he might like to see. Took it to the local copy center and had it all bound together. If I do say so, it came out quite impressively. Most important is that Uncle Delbert had a great time with it!

Back in 2006 a woman I only know as Sharon did some genealogy work on the Zeller line for Uncle Delbert. I have a copy of that packet and look at it every once in a while. Sharon did some nice work there and I appreciate having it very much and thank Cousin Cynthia, Uncle Bernie's daughter, for passing it along to me.

The packet included two photos that interest me - as if there's a family photo that doesn't interest me! Here they are below. I'm sad that the quality is what I'd call poor but they have been copied and faxed and emailed ... so I'm just happy to have them at all. Happy wins out.


Here is my GGF and GGM,
Gustav Zeller 1858 - 1927 and Moretta Workman Zeller 1859- 1946,
with three of their five children.
Left to right they are:
Adelbert "Bert" Zeller 1883 - 1947,
Gustav WM Zeller 1884 - 1964, Charles S Zeller 1880 - 1966.
Grandma is not there and she was born in 1894.
Might be a clue to dating this picture.

Here is a close up of just the family group.
Here's a fun find in the packet!
This is a photo of the family of Gus Jr.'s family band, the Zeller Ensemble:
Nellie, Gus Jr.'s wife Nellie Maud Broadwater Zeller 1896 - 1961, their children,
Darrell Zeller, William "Bud" Zeller, and Violet Zeller.
Darrell would be my first cousin once removed, or so Family Tree Maker tells me:)
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  1. Thanks, Heather:) It was fun to rediscover these two photos in the Treasure Chest. Grandma had musical tallent and played ragtime on her upright piano for me whenever I asked. Unfortunatly, and looking at all of this obvious musical tallent, I have none! But I'm a good audience.
    Cheers, Diane