Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Family History Writing Challenge!

Well I've been working on this book project for a short while and have reached the first sag. It happens often within the life of a project, I've found, but the whole ball game rides on figuring a way out of the sagging patches. Along comes the Family History Writing Challenge! Beautiful! Just what I need. Click through to find out all about it.

I'm to commit to a certain amount of words a day: 250 to 1,000. I've never done that before. I write when the muse is in town and if you don't know about her, click here. She's here now and will be for a while so I'm good to go... if she stays in town. Even so, I think this is the time to chain the little scamp to the desk;) I really want to feel what 250 words a day for the entire month of February feels like. That's 7,000 words. Cool. Think I'll chart it and see what my output is on days when I'm good to go as well as days when it's pick and shovel work... and feels like work.

One thing I really like from the get-go is that there's a forum for this project. It feels like group therapy, but in my pajamas. And they did this last year so you can go back and read the comments from that first Challenge and see what's what. Reading them made me feel like this was a do-able and beneficial thing for me to join.

I've set my goals and am ready! Off to the forum to see what's happening today.

If you join you even get a pretty badge, if that's your thing:)

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