Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sentimental Sunday: When We Moved To Ohio

In the early months of 1952 Mom and Dad were living in their hometown of Frostburg, Maryland. They were both born and raised there, all their family was there, and all of their friends were there. When Mom didn't know why she felt so icky, she talked to her sister, Dot, who guessed correctly that she was pregnant, with me.

Frostburg was the kind of place the boys gladly returned to after World War II, married their high school sweetheart, bought a house, and started a family. Mom often talks of the decline of the Road Houses where the Big Bands of the war years and before played because people just wanted nothing more than to be home with family and friends. It was, after all, what the boys had fought for.

Their Friends
Mom and Dad at a gathering of friends during the War years.
Mom is seated and leaning in on the right and 
Dad is the guy with the big smile and striped tie.
Looks like fun!
Their Families
The Kelly side.
That's Dad on the very left, about 1942

A Kelly back yard picnic in the 1950s.

Mom's side with Mom left,
her Mother next and then her sister and brother.
Circa late 1930s.

Dad had a nice job as a boss at a munitions factory during the war. While he was there and nearing the end or after the close of fighting, a man from a plastics plant in Ohio came to visit and he and Dad hit it off. They stayed in touch and eventually Dad was offered a really excellent job in Ohio. Dad took it in October of 1952.

Mom wasn't thrilled. I know she wasn't thrilled because I found these photos of them having dinner with the next door neighbors, the Mendelsons, the evening before they left. That's the top photo. She's the only one not smiling. Then look at the one below that. It's Mom, Dad and me leaving the next morning to drive all the way to the village of Chagrin Falls, Ohio and start our new life. I'm oblivious but Mom is still not working up a smile... and she always smiles for the camera.

There's another photo of Mom and me in Chagrin Falls just after we moved. Darn it, I can't find it right now when I want it and that tells me I need to go back to my photo file and do more organization! It's always something.

Mom and Dad and the Mendelsons the evening before the trip to Ohio.
Mom is in the light color dress and Dad is to her left.

Here we are leaving little Frostburg for the mysteries of
Ohio and Chagrin Falls in October of 1952.

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  1. This post doesn't seem finished. You have me hooked to read more!

  2. Ha! Hi Devon and thanks for leaving the comment:) You have me thinking that maybe next week I'll continue the story. Mom did get over it but I think she did really missed her family, and who wouldn't? Dad was busy working in plastics (remember The Graduate?) OK, to be continued next Sunday!
    Cheers, Diane