Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thanks For The Thoughts:)

A great big 'Thank You" to those who have been emailing me with not-to-worry messages about archiving the photo files. Now I do feel better. And just to share back with everyone, the take-away is this list.
1. Keep files safe and backed up at home and online.
2. Keep the technology updated. When and if it changes, don't wait to change... do it ASAP.
3. Use a service if you must. When the files or stacks of photos get too big to do it yourself, send it out to a service.
4. Get copies to as many relatives as possible, and in that way the archive has a better chance of finding its way down the generations.

Now that I look at the list in the cold light of a new day, makes all the sense in the world! So thanks for that. Think I'll crawl in off that window ledge now... cold out there;)

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