Monday, January 23, 2012

Aunt Betty's Photo Archive Has Arrived... and am I surprised!

Last Thursday I got Aunt Betty's envelope with a DVD of her photo archive in it. I was thrilled to have such a treasure because Aunt Betty, as I've posted here many a time, is super organized and all the ancestors and family are properly labeled. She's a model of how to do a photo archive!

Friday was a really busy day for me as I go painting in a friend's studio space, got back late, feed the doggie, date with hubby, off to sleep. Saturday morning woke up with one thought: look at Aunt Betty's photo files. Popped the DVD in the slot on the computer and WOAH!! Slide show!

The notation on the DVD top says that Aunt Betty made this in 2004, eight years ago... she was so ahead of her time!

There's a special feeling I get when looking at old photos of ancestors I didn't know. But seeing this slide show deepened that feeling a couple of notches. I watched as people aged. I saw them in carfree moments at family reunions. Saw family who I only knew as older folks captured in their prime or as kids. This is the real magic of preserving family history!

Aunt Betty, 1947

Thank you Aunt Betty!!

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