Saturday, January 28, 2012

Name That Ancestor!

Oh, gosh, what's up with my ancestor's names?! Did the Friend family marry some of the Savage people and how did that work out? Was William Williams really ticked off when his school chums teased about his double name or did he think it special?

And how many Thomas Price's do I have to look at when I search? Or Thomas Williams? (Sigh!)

Then there's Lambert and Louetta, Maretta and Mariah, Louhamia and Massy. Those less common given names are a real blessing when searching a common surname like Kelly... which most of those were.

And what genealogical grief is there with British Isles naming traditions? Some days my head wants to explode: eldest son named after the father, etc. How many John Kelly's do I count? Fifteen!

I really do give thanks for the odd Thomas Jefferson Whathisname or a George Washington Whatever. Nice break there;)

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