Wednesday, August 13, 2014

It didn't phase me but it sure did dad

Now that GEDmatch is back up (mostly, although I do read about an occasional outage now and again on the GEDmatch Facebook page, but that could be to ISP issues, you never know) I'm checking out features and functions. I do love a good DNA utility! And the latest do-dad that caught my interest is phasing.

I'm still learning about what phasing is and how it works and you can see some links to good info on phasing from those more wise than I at the end of this post. Basically, as I've come to understand it, if you have the DNA raw file of one parent and one offspring and have uploaded it to GEDmatch, you can use both of them in the phasing utility to get an idea about the DNA of the untested parent. For example, both my brother and I tested and so did Mom. I ran the phasing utility in an effort to see who might match Dad. Cool, huh?

So let me step you though it and then let's see what we get, shall we? I took my kit number and Mom's kit number and ran them through the phasing utility and got a phased theoretical kit for Dad. Find the utility at the arrow above on the main page. Then I took Mom's kit and Brother's and ran that through the phasing utility and got another theoretical kit for Dad. Then I played around with both theoretical Dad's kits - one for Mom and Brother and the other for Mom and me - and ran them through two utilities: "One to Many", and "People who match both kits or 1 of 2 kits". First is the One to Many and you can see that below.

Theoretical Dad using Mom and Brother.
Click to view larger.
The next thing I did is run the same utility for the kit based on Mom and me. Here's that one, below.
Theoretical Dad using Mom and me.


Next, I'll want to go through both results to pick out the folks who match both of these reports and contact them to see if there's a connection to Dad's ancestors. That should be fun!

And here's the coolest report as far as I'm concerned. It's the People who match both kits utility. I plug in the theoretical Dad kit number based on Mom and Brother's phased results and then my kit number (based on just me, no Dad) and this is what I got back.

I have a lot of people to contact! But I'm happy to be able to do this second-best matching of Dad's DNA, even if it is theoretical.

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  1. Excellent explanation! You kept it simple and my next steps are perfectly clear!