Friday, August 29, 2014

Computer crashed. Need I say more?

Yeah, that's what happened. It was ugly and got even uglier before the dust cleared. Final score: lost no data, all files are recovered. Programs did have to be reloaded, no big deal really. Now I'm just rearranging the furniture and hanging a few pictures to make it feel like home again.

I want to thank my external hard drive and Carbonite who both made me feel more secure while the storm raged. Also need to thank the guys at the Geek Squad who really know what they're doing, even though at one point they might have been part of the problem. Maybe. But no finger pointing because it all worked out.

I missed the little guy, this laptop of mine, while it was gone. But we're back together again. I bask once more in the warm glow of my laptop screen. All is well:)

Have a very good Labor Day weekend!

An old grainy picture of my Mom on the left, her father, and her sister Dot.
Virginia (Williams) Kelly, Cambria "Camey" Williams (1897-1960), Dorothy "Dot" (Williams) Conrad (1920-2007).

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